Most global leaders at UN General Assembly find common trend in condemning Russian invasion of Ukraine

Through nearly three days of speeches by world leaders at this year’s United Nations General Assembly, many issues have been addressed, but aside from climate change, one pressing matter seems to have been universally condemned: Russia’s war in Ukraine.  As more than 80 world leaders have spoken to the assembly through Thursday afternoon at U.N. […]

Kari Lake boosts national profile as top Trump surrogate, GOP campaigner ahead of likely Senate run

PHOENIX – Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate and conservative firebrand Kari Lake has been hitting the pavement more and more in recent weeks as a top surrogate for former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and as a booster of Republican candidates across the country ahead of her own likely run for U.S. Senate. According to two […]

House Republicans falter on funding plans, as shutdown inches closer

House Republicans for the second week in a row failed to move forward on any legislation related to funding the government, stunning many in their ranks as a government shutdown looms next week. The status of negotiations on both a short-term funding solution and long-term appropriations legislation declined so severely Thursday that lawmakers began to […]

Zelensky blitzes Washington in urgent effort to bolster support

When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky last visited Washington, it was a top-secret journey and his first trip outside his country since Russia invaded Ukraine. He received a hero’s welcome at the White House and on Capitol Hill that day in December, evoking comparisons to British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s wartime visit to Washington in 1941. […]

Who are the Americans who support secession?

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) reached the point of diminishing returns some time ago. One can only repeat fringe rhetoric so many times before it loses its shock value, before it just becomes the sort of thing you’re expected to say. So when she argued on Sept. 11 — Patriot Day, as some have it […]

Former DOJ attorney acted with Trump’s approval, his lawyer says

ATLANTA — As a Justice Department lawyer after the 2020 election, Jeffrey Clark drafted and advocated for sending a letter to top Georgia officials declaring that the agency had reason to doubt the legitimacy of the state’s election after former president Donald Trump urged him to investigate allegations of fraud in the state, Clark’s lawyer […]