Done, dusted and delivered: Global Women Who RULE paints year 3 in pink

It was an event packed full of life-enriching nutrients — from one woman to another. Enderun Extension at Capitol Commons was a burst of pink and all pixie dust and high on endorphins as Global Women Who Rule staged Year 3 of its annual Summit. The first hybrid production, Global Women Who RULE (GWWR) peaked at almost 500 online live stream viewers.

A proud product of the pandemic, Apple Esplana-Manansala’s baby is delish as pie, thick as sauce, with just the right dash of cider vinegar. GWWR has all things sweet and spicy. It’s not unlike its Ideator and Founder whose dream of creating this female collective has just seen its meteoric rise.

How else can one explain the overwhelming public support GWWR, along with its residence platform The New Channel (TNC), is getting?

“The feeling is indescribable. We, the team and I, are floating on a cloud right now, but to fly like this took sweat, toil and tears. That’s all part of the process. We promised our supporters we would take GWWR and TNC to the next higher level — and we know we did,” Apple shares, still reliving the buzz.

March in women, and March in good feels. Saturday, the 25th of March — International Women’s Month — did go by in a breeze, but the learnings will keep. And for the attendees, the wisdom shared will make lifelong changes for the better.

Says Apple during the opening, “GWWR’s core is on recognizing and connecting wonderful Filipino WOMEN with beautiful stories not just within the Philippines, but around the globe. Collectively, we would like these GWWR profiles and sisters to join forces in making sure that each one is able to reach out and engage their communities, support their advocacies, and create legacy projects together.”

And reach out the speakers did. All with their own path and purpose, and each one dispensing hard-earned wisdom from experience.

Speakers like Marieton Pacheco, Omni News Filipino producer, joined via livestream from Vancouver Canada. Marieton shared how hard work and the willingness to learn a new trade, and stick to it, paid dividends. Formerly from ABS-CBN media, Marieton was able to continue her media work, but also had to learn to work in Finance to upskill and enhance her income.

Viewers also learned invaluable Real Estate tips from expert Marjorie Carlet Edmonds, “The House Flipping Queen” and CEO of Carlet Edmonds Housing Solution, LLC. Don’t put hard-earned money to waste. Research, shop around, and be hands-on.

Both speakers offer advice at a time when McKinsey reports show Gen Z [born 1996 to 2010] as “willing to spend on experiences that enrich daily lives… and at once willing to spend on luxury items, and fast fashion… continuously spending money despite higher prices and market volatility.” That’s quick, free, and life-changing advice only from GWWR Year 3.

TNC resident host Anj Cabuquit and GWWR Jury says of Year 3, “I feel privileged, honored, and blessed to be part of the Global Women Who Rule family. It has opened my mind and my heart to a beautiful reality — that us, women, are solution- and action-oriented beings that aim to inspire and influence other people by shining light on the many issues we face. Imagine bringing this advocacy to the plate of young men and women out there, instilling wisdom on self-love, compassion, dedication, hope, empathy, professionalism, and so much more. Imagine being embraced with this kind of message and growing up as adults with this message in their minds and hearts. What a bold and beautiful future we have, and I am here for it.”

Apple also adds, “GWWR opens doors and connects groups who need help and groups who would like to share help. We engage and ensure that the help that you need or that you will extend will be used properly by our partners. For the past 2 years, in the smallest of ways, we have been able to provide assistance to charity groups such as: I am Making a Difference; Project Steady or RockEd Philippines; and The Philippine Commission on Women. This year, we will be working with Alopecia Philippines.”

GWWR is fuelled by 4 Pillars namely, 1. Education focused on continuous learning; 2. Mental Health; 3. Human Rights; and 4. Health for women and children. “In the near future, the goal is to create more growth programs on Financial Literacy and Business; Arts & Culture, and Personality Development, among others. The goal is to develop GWWR as the go-to community for those who want to see themselves as Jill of all traits, and a master of 10,” Apple adds.

Though it is a handful, members of the collective are guided by its simple and achievable broad strokes. Yes, it does take a village, it is done one step at a time, and it is within one’s means and abilities. The simple act of sharing experiences and imparting wisdom can mean more than what is shared. All progressively achievable, and proactively versatile. Every individual can creatively push at their own pace, and by their own means.

Another speaker and SMSE advocate and Tokyo Tempura Chief Marketing Officer Jenny Bautista Wieneke said, “GWWR gathers empowered, like-minded women, willing to serve and enable other women. It gives one a warm feeling to know that there are other kindred souls dedicated in sharing themselves to and for others. My one message to all women out there: Know who you are, love what you are, be who you want to be!”

Giving her own insights on Year 3 is another first-batch GWWR and Jury member Katherine Solis-Davila, saying, “A lovely, sincere and accepting union of women who operate from the beauty of their generous hearts and that’s how we want to impact the world. What’s great about GWWR is that it allows Filipino women leaders from around the globe to express themselves and use their voices to inspire change and act towards the good.”

Having the last word, “We created noise getting here, and our work has just started. It is a big task to do. And we will do it one Filipino woman at a time,” says Apple.

The event was made possible through the production partnership of The New Channel and PuzzleBox BPO, Inc. #GWWR2023 is available on replay via

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Event Beneficiary: Alopecia Philippines; Event Sponsors: PuzzleBox BPO, Inc. & WeLLife Corp.; Venue Partner: Enderun Extension; Media Partners: The Philippine STAR, BusinessWorld, The Manila Times, RMN Networks, the Asianparent, and Manila Bulletin; Publicity Partners: Outcomm, Inc., United Neon, Moving Walls, VLink Interactive, Prime Recall, Pitch Works, Blue Sky, Intersections Communications, Inc. & ABBA PR.; Event Partners and Donors: Party Links, Upplause Events, Zen Events, Avene, Baked by Mommie, Bayongciaga, Brownroots Creatives, Belle Ame Essentials, Camaya Cove, GFoxx International, Graze It Up!, K8 Realm, Lemon Square, My Piso Technologies, Royal Bloom, Sante Barley Max, Spark It, Unisol, Artist on a Mission, Ashira Realty Services, My Daily Collagen, Skin Place, Tuburan Coffee, Ernesto by BarberBoy, #ObraAbra, Power Mac Center, Photoman Photography, Private Pop Avenue, Moringa-O2, Yassine’s, Ahead Tutorial, iFern, Sason Furniture Shop, JDJ Lights Sounds and personal donors. The after party will be served with Emperador Distillers, Inc.’s Emperador Brandy-Summer Cocktails, The Bar Gin + Tonic, Smirnoff Mule, Barefoot Wine and Carlo Rossi.

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