Citicore teams up with Pampanga farmers for agro-solar projects

RENEWABLE energy developer Citicore Power, Inc. has partnered with a new farmers cooperative in Mexico, Pampanga as part of its agro-solar initiatives within its host communities.

In an emailed statement on Tuesday, Citicore said that it recently helped farmers in establishing the Buenavista Farmers and Workers Cooperative, a 110-member group tasked to coordinate with government agencies in “developing effective strategies and programs.”

Citicore said that the cooperative will serve as its partner for its agro-solar projects.

“We at Citicore believe that the agro-solar initiative and the formation of cooperatives empowers farmers, not only in crop production, but more importantly in bringing and selling their produce successfully to the market,” Citicore President and Chief Executive Officer Oliver Y. Tan said.

The firm says its agro-solar initiatives aim to help increase the production of small-scale farmers by cultivating turmeric under solar panels in all of Citicore’s Luzon plants. Other high-value crops and vegetable varieties will be introduced to maximize yields. — Angelica Y. Yang

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