Change the changeable

“It was hard, but it was also an eye-opener. This award is truly and equally satisfying and humbling. We won the GM Cup–my first ever as a unit manager.”

Sun Life unit manager Joseph Uy Monzon, 59, shares that 2020 turned out to be the most rewarding milestone for his unit in Khaya branch.

Joseph has been a multi-awardee for the past 17 years, but the pandemic-laden 2020 still brought him feelings of doubt and hopelessness in his career. But instead of dwelling on the unknown, Joseph diverted his energy into constructive action. With faith and confidence, he proactively reached out–remotely–to his network and devised new and creative strategies for himself and his team.

“Change the changeable and accept the unchangeable,” he advises. “Seek opportunity to rise from the pack, overcome challenges and increase resiliency. Focus on the goal despite the circumstances.”

Joseph always reminds his team that work is not everything, but they need to be bolder during this challenging time because more people need to get insured and protected.

He furthers, “My main purpose in life is to provide for my family and be a good warrior in other people’s eyes,” says the father of two. “At work, I strive to help as many Filipinos achieve financial security in life.”

Joseph’s wife, Evelyn Monzon, is also his branch manager.

After experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions in the past years, he reminds his unit and all the advisors to keep their focus.

“Feeling anxious is natural, but worrying will lead us nowhere. Stay safe and healthy and don’t lose sight of your goals. Always set SMART goals and dream big because optimism leads to achievement.”

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