Mondelez Philippines Employee Vaccination Drive Underway

67% of colleagues and service providers vaccinated
Partnership with Paranaque City and Moderna Vaccine Buyer’s Group to protect its people

As one of the leading snack companies in the country, Mondelez Philippines has worked to ensure the safety and well-being of its people during the pandemic. From enhanced safety protocols, the Company is now focused on its vaccination drive. To ensure its people, their families, and the company’s partners are protected and remain safe. To date, 67% of the company’s people and on-site service providers have been vaccinated at least once, through various partnerships with government and private stakeholders.

In April of this year, Mondelez Philippines had already announced that it would provide free vaccines to its employees as well as two of their family members. To achieve this goal, the company worked with the Moderna Vaccine Buyer’s Group, a consortium of public and private agencies that procured the vaccine brand for the Philippines. Apart from its own people, Mondelez Philippines also facilitated the procurement of vaccines for its service providers who report to its manufacturing plant.

As a business operating in Paranaque City for the past 58 years, Mondelez Philippines also coordinated with the City Government through the office of Mayor Edwin L. Olivarez for its vaccination drive. The snacks company and its workers are considered essential during the pandemic and therefore its people were able to qualify for the A4 vaccination category in the City.

“We thank the local government of Paranaque City and the Moderna Vaccine Buyer’s Group for their partnership in providing vaccines for our people,” shares Ashish Pisharodi, Country Director of Mondelez Philippines. “The safety of our people lies not only in getting them vaccinated, but also ensuring that the people around them are safe and vaccinated too. When they are in the office or at home, they need to be assured of the safety of the people around them. That is why we are also supporting our service providers who work in our Plant, and our people’s families to ensure they get vaccinated. This way the community in which they are a part of also has protection.”

For the front liners who report to its Manufacturing Plant, Mondelez Philippines has enhanced safety protocols like mask-wearing, social distancing, and handwashing. Most recently they have also utilized technology by way of a tracking device that alerts people when they get less than two meters away from each other while working. Non-essential colleagues have also been working from home for a year and a half to ensure their safety. Face-to-face meetings are discouraged, and the use of digital meeting technology is highly encouraged for everyone. Globally, the Company has partnered with Dr. Barbara Pahud, an infectious disease specialist and former Stanford University Vaccine Fellow, as well as Mondelez Philippines’ own in-house infectious diseases expert Dr. Ricardo Tandingan, to help guide employees through questions related to COVID-19 and its vaccines.

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