NBA explores limiting leeway act-of-shooting

NATIONAL Basketball Association (NBA) owners may be asked to limit the motions that players can take and still be considered in the act of shooting, ESPN reported on Monday.

The proposed rule tweak is based on plays when shooters substantially varied their shots as they attempt to initiate contact with defenders and draw fouls.

In a meeting on Monday, the league’s competition committee explored how much time and how much movement a player can employ in shooting the ball, according to ESPN.

The committee includes some owners, general managers, coaches, players and referees. Teams were provided with a video that shows some of the discussed maneuvers, with players leaning to one side or far forward or backward to create contact with a defender while under the guise of trying to take a shot, ESPN reported.

A timeline would include presenting the rule change to the NBA’s Board of Governors for approval over the summer, with implementation starting with Las Vegas summer league in August and on into the start of next season. — Reuters

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