Outdoor building solutions for your commercial and residential space

In creating your home’s or business’s exterior, there are a lot of factors to consider aside from the aesthetics. The outdoor space is more exposed to different elements and weather conditions–so it is important to take note of the durability, usage, functionality, and of course, the style it provides to the overall look of your space. Here are some outdoor products from P.tech that are surely beneficial for any commercial or residential space:


In upgrading the overall look of your exterior, roof tiles are a top-notch choice. These types of roofing are designed to provide energy efficiency, longevity, and easy maintenance. These are lighter than other roofs as it is made from high-quality steel with a sanded finish for added style and safety while installing.

To prevent leaks from occurring, it is also essential to install some roof valleys to save you unnecessary damage in the future. It will create runoff pathways to direct water flow from the roof planes into a valley trough. These roof valleys are made from top-grade quality materials ensuring long-lasting protection for your roof.


For long-lasting flooring, it is a must to choose something that can withstand extreme weather elements as well as a high volume of foot traffic in busy areas of your home and business space. One of the most highly recommended options is the cement tiles. It is made with high-grade materials that are 100% waterproof and are highly durable, This type of flooring is also designed with a matte surface to ensure non-slip advantages while perfectly mimicking real wood or stone for a more natural feel.

Another safe and excellent addition to the floor is rubber tiles. These are designed to prevent breaking your floors due to heavy impacts. It comes with top-notch features including water, compression, and impact resistance, anti-skid, shock absorption, and large friction. This type of tile is very easy to install since it requires no glue or adhesive–just like laying out a puzzle mat.

Aside from rubber tiles, another type of flooring is the interlocking drainage rubber mat. It is made to provide a safer and easier solution to spaces that are normally wet and slippery. The holes in the rubber mat allow water to be filtered while keeping the surface dry and safe for small children and the elderly. Installing is also hassle-free since you only need to interlock the sides to create a wide rubber matted surface.


If you’re aiming for a cleaner and safer option to install in your outdoor space, opt for some high-quality eco grass. One of the best qualities of faux grass is it never withers. Maintaining is also effortless since lawn mowing and watering are not essential to keep it in good shape. You can ensure a green, vibrant, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space for years.


An outdoor wall panel is an excellent way to give any outdoor structure or building an attractive finish. It offers the quality, feel, and characteristics of wood, but is more robust and eco-friendly. It is very simple and convenient to install due to its profile with a standard size

Another exemplary addition to your outdoor space is the wall cladding. It is made with long-lasting strength, resistance to water, moisture, and decay. It is also very easy to maintain, cost-effective, and provides an extra layer of insulation. The overall appearance of your outdoor space is largely determined by the exterior wall cladding, it can turn your walls into an exquisite and modern structure.


Apart from its sophisticated look, a steel door is also one of the most durable kinds of door materials making it safer and more secure. It can withstand strong weather conditions and is highly resistant to warping and distortion. To add protection to your steel doors, consider installing a door canopy. It is made to prevent heavy rains, strong winds, as well as scorching heat from the sun from causing extensive damage to your doors and windows. It will also prevent other elements in your outdoor space from degrading quickly saving you more repairs in the future.

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