Genuine Modulo accessories now available for Honda City Hatchback


HONDA CARS Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) lost no time as it presented genuine Modulo accessories shortly after the formal launch of the all-new Honda City Hatchback last week.

“With the all-new City Hatchback embodying an overall sporty and versatile package, Honda aims to further enhance the ownership experience of its customers by introducing the model’s Modulo accessory lineup. These accessories would allow customers to personalize and enhance their vehicles to complement their diverse needs based on their active lifestyles,” the company said in a release.

Accessories such as front, side and rear under spoilers, and door visors are available to further enhance the all-new City Hatchback’s exterior for a sportier appearance. For added practicality, a rear cargo tray has been made available. It also helps to protect the cargo hold.

Modulo accessories for the all-New City Hatchback are now available at all 38 Honda Cars dealerships with the following suggested retail prices:

Modulo front under spoiler: P7,900

Modulo rear under spoiler: P10,600

Modulo side under spoiler: P13,000

Door visor: P3,900

Cargo tray: P2,600

Customers may also purchase select Modulo accessories through Honda’s LazMall Flagship Store at For more information, visit a Honda Cars dealership, or access HCPI’s virtual showroom through

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