How To Avoid Extra Costs And Delays When Using An Air Freight Service

There are options that you can explore if you want to lower air freight costs while at the same time cutting back on the duration of time it takes to get your goods delivered.

In the article below we will discuss the top ways you can make this happen.

1. Carry out in-depth research on your supply chain and find out if there are alternative options

With the internet at your fingertips, you have a wealth of information on the factors that may cause delays in the logistics with your supply chain.

It is important that you carry out thorough research with a view of identifying the top things that may cause your goods to be delayed during shipping.

Some of the things that may cause delays when goods are being shipped include:

  • Public holidays
  • Peak seasons and seasonal shutdowns by freight services

It is important that you remember that these factors do not just affect domestic shipping but also international shipping. As an entrepreneur, you should also research and understand other factors that may lead to delays in the area where your goods are originating and at their destination.

Additionally, it is also recommended that you carry out intensive research so as to identify the most ideal shipping company.

For example, if you are shipping goods within locally or other domestic destinations, you can use the charter services.

If you are looking to have your goods delivered quickly, you can contact this company since they will deliver your items faster compared to when you use road transportation.

2. Plan for Your Air Freight in Advance

Now that you know some of the factors that may lead to delays in the delivery of your goods, you should make plans on how to get around them.

For example, before booking a charter, you should first carry out research and identify if there are holidays that may lead to delays in the delivery of your shipment.

One of the ways to get around delays is to book your charter at least two weeks before the actual shipping date.

By booking your international freight services ahead of time, you will get to avoid unnecessary delays as well as avoid having to pay for express shipping which is costlier.

3. Ensure That You Keep All Stakeholders in The Loop

Just like personal relationships, communication is key in maintaining a good business relationship.

When it comes to shipping of goods by air, all stakeholders should keep in constant communication and share any concerns that they may have as well as offer constant updates on the progress of the goods that are in transit.

When there is professional and concise communication among all the stakeholders involved in the shipping process, there are usually less misunderstandings, less need for oversight and it is also usually easier to get things back on track if problems occur.

To recap the article above, there are three ways that you can avoid unnecessary delays if you are using an air freight service. They include:

  • Researching any pitfalls that may lead to delays in your shipping schedule
  • Booking your air freight service ahead of time
  • Maintaining open channels of communication with other stakeholders involved in the shipping process

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