Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Server+ Certification

SECURITY+ is a globally accredited certification which is pursued by professionals around the world, who want to further pursue their career in the field of cybersecurity.

It is a very carefully designed course, which encompasses the major skillset required by an individual to master the technical aspects of IT security or cybersecurity. With the advancement in technology, more and more number of people around the different corners of the world are gradually being connected to the internet. There is a massive surge in the number of internet users around the world.

However, with the benefits, there are some disadvantages, that is, the threat to security. Nowadays people are falling in the trap of scams and frauds propagated mainly through the internet and aimed not only at common masses but also at higher organizations of government and bigger multinational companies to leak or breach the data. To avoid these complications, personals expert in compTIA Server+ Training are hired so that they can effectively scale the threat and provide support to the victims of such attacks.

Due to the easy availability of the internet around the world, more and more number of illicit activities like these are going on. The main purpose of these attacks is to breach personal, as well as professional data sometimes to leak important information wanted by criminals and offenders and sometimes to draw funds from common masses or large organizations to provide any assistance for the terrorists. SECURITY+ trained individuals are helpful and required for upholding and sometimes finding the offenders. They are trained with the technical aspects of cybersecurity so that they can reduce the risk factors in such attacks. They are highly trained specialists who attain the certificate after several pieces of training and methodologies.

Experience is also a factor, the prerequisite for this certification requires a huge amount of experience. These professionals spend hours and year’s working in this environment and domain. Along with SECURITY+, there is another certification known as CISM which is more into the management aspects of cybersecurity management. SECURITY+ is more technical in terms and preference is given to SECURITY+ by professionals while starting their career. It has been observed that many professional have started there with SECURITY+. The reason is very clear, before jumping to individuals like to know the basic techniques and terminologies that one can learn through SECURITY+.


Coming to the prerequisites of SECURITY+. A professional intending to attain this certification must have at least five years of work experience in two or more of the eight domains of SECURITY+. After passing the SECURITY+ examination a professional is then given the task who then has to complete six years of experience to become a SECURITY+ certified professional. There are several roles in which these certified professional can work in companies. The different jobs available are mostly based in the security domain, such as security analyst, security manager, director of security, network architect, chief information officer, etc. SECURITY+ is global, it is recognized in around 170 countries and you don’t have insecurity for jobs. Salary for these individuals is very high with the professionals averaging a salary of around $131,030 per annum.

There are over 142,000 SECURITY+ trained individuals around the world. The examination can be given online and in test centres as well, currently, around 114 countries have the facilities to conduct this exam. The exam is divided with special emphasis on several domains. The syllabus is very distributed into a variety of topics and all the eight domains carry very similar weightage in this exam. The highest weightage is carried by Security and Risk Management which happens to be a very important topic covering 15% of the total syllabus. It is also available in 8 major languages of the world, making it easier for individuals to attend it. Their salary is 35% more than non-certified members. Plus you get the benefits of learning as well, you build a deeper understanding in this field and you can help, assist or lead teams in different situations.

This is a very lucrative and high paying job opportunity for individuals. This can kick start your career, and help you to gain the much needed experience in this field in further stages of your career.


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