A reliable driving partner in the new normal

Now more than ever, young urban professionals are fully booked in their schedules. As they take extra effort in balancing work and life in this new normal, their day is often filled with work hours, whether at home or in the office. They also allot time, nonetheless, to pursue other passions, to do side gigs, to ensure wellness, as well as to chill out.

For such things, they might need a constant partner in their work-life essentials, especially if they frequently go from one place to another. The all-new Dzire from Suzuki suitably gives this kind of solution.

With upgraded features and constantly reliable performance, the new Dzire continues to offer the market an affordable sedan that does not compromise on style, quality, and safety.

Enhanced style


The upgrade mostly comes from its revamped exterior, still grounded on Suzuki’s authentic design styling. The new Dzire is now accentuated by elegant lines, aggressive front fascia, and finely crafted chrome accents along its body.

The revamped Dzire unifies the horizontal upper and lower grilles into a more stylish and finer front grille, giving the sedan a more defining look. New fog lamps are also attached on both sides of the grille, and a toned-up bumper design complements these additions.

Another addition to the new Dzire is the electric folding side mirror, making adjustments more convenient for drivers.

The interior is also enhanced, with ample boot space and multiple storage compartments, encased in a contemporary and classy design theme to complement the modern lifestyles of drivers and passengers.

Such improvements include a standard audio unit, now integrated with Bluetooth, together with hands-free connectivity switches that enables drivers to make and receive calls with ease.

Efficient performance

Dzire complements these well-defined features with its dependable performance. The light and highly rigid HEARTECT platform lowers fuel consumption and vastly improves Dzire’s performance in terms of running, turning, and stopping.

Dzire also has Suzuki’s Auto Gear Shift (AGS), which gives the comfort of driving an automatic while giving the fuel efficiency of a manual transmission.

A compact 1.2L WT engine powers Suzuki Dzire, notable for its high combustion efficiency and compression ratio, low friction, and light weight. It enables strong driving performance with its impressive mileage rating of 26.51 km/L (for Dzire GA/GL MT), as witnessed by the Automobile Association of the Philippines.

Uncompromising safety

Dzire’s advanced safety features include the electronic stability program, a new addition to the upgraded sedan which automatically adjusts engine torque and brakes when the wheel is steered sharply or when the road is slippery.

Suzuki’s Total Effective Control Technology is also integrated into Dzire, which helps mitigate damage to the car and its occupants by absorbing impact and dispersing collision energy.

Beyond having a stylish front, Dzire’s body aims to mitigate injuries in the event of a collision with a pedestrian. Inside, Dzire has dual front airbags to protect the driver and front passengers in case of such an event.

Dzire’s hill hold control (GL+) that prevents the vehicle form rolling backwards during standards on slopes, while its reverse parking sensors (GL/GL+) can detect obstacles and warn the driver of the car’s distance to an obstacle while backing.

Competitively priced models

Dzire comes in three variants, each catering to the different needs of young professionals. Dzire GL+, highlighted by AGS, which allows drivers to switch between automatic and manual transmissions, caters to those who are used to automatic driving yet would still want to have the control of manual when the situation calls for such.

Dzire GL, meanwhile, remains a good option for first-time car buyers, especially those who are trained in manual driving.

The Dzire GA, on the other hand, is good for fleet usage such as for sales functions or for transport network vehicle system (TNVS) and taxi businesses.

Dzire is competitively priced at P549,900 for Dzire GA 1.2L – M/T; P648,000 for the New Dzire GL 1.2L – M/T; and P708,000 for the New Dzire GL+ 1.2L Auto Gear Shift (AGS).

Learn more and inquire about the all-new Suzuki Dzire by visiting auto.suzuki.com.ph; or calling (02) 8462-5000, (049) 502-1458, or Suzuki’s 24/7 Toll Free Customer Care Hotline at #789854.


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