Pru Life UK offers health protection against dengue with PRUDengue MedCare and PRUDengue MedCare Pro

Leading life insurer Pru Life UK now offers Filipinos wider health coverage against the risks brought by dengue, with two variants of its insurance product, PRUDengue MedCare and PRUDengue MedCare Pro, available for purchase through its all-in-one app Pulse.

“While the country continues to take safety measures against COVID-19, dengue remains a threat to many Filipinos. Pru Life UK aims to give our customers greater peace of mind with dengue coverage that can be purchased with a few clicks through our mobile app Pulse,” shares Pru Life UK Chief Customer Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga. In 2019, over 400,000 cases of Dengue was reported in the Philippines based from a study released by the Department of Health.[1]

Covering the events of dengue diagnosis only and diagnosis followed by death, both PRUDengue MedCare and PRUDengue MedCare Pro insurance products come in two packages that offer protection for 6 months and 12 months, respectively, for as low as Php 200.

Upon diagnosis of dengue, both PRUDengueMedCare and PRUDengueMedCare Pro offer a lump sum benefit of Php 10,000 for the life assured under both the 6 months and 12 months packages. PRUDengue MedCare Pro, on the other hand, also provides a lump sum benefit of Php 100,000 in the unfortunate event of death of the life assured owing to dengue.

In line with its “We DO Health” commitment, Pru Life UK is making these protection products available on the Pulse app to help Filipinos protect, prevent and postpone the onset of diseases, including dengue. Through the digital app, Filipinos will be able to purchase the plans conveniently anytime, anywhere.


PRUDengue MedCare and PRUDengue MedCare Pro are available for purchase through Pulse, which can be downloaded for free on any Android or iOS mobile device. For detailed product information, visit

[1]Philippines dengue cases down 66% in 2020. August 15, 2020


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