Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make

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Mistakes Yoga Teachers Make

Yoga requires a journey of strengthening the body and mind along with the spirit. It is not another physical activity.

Yoga has asanas, breathing movements, and postures that can help avail several benefits. Yet, it is not easy to carry out these poses. That is when yoga teachers come to the rescue.

Does it happen that instead of feeling rewarding after the yoga class, your students feel stressed or injured?

The reason likely is because there are some common mistakes that yoga teachers make. Read this great blog post at Yogi Times.

Guiding in every step

Teachers guide students. But, yoga happens to be one activity in which exploring and discovering connections by oneself works. Correcting the wrong poses too often disturbs the regular flow of the class. It can hinder concentration, which is crucial for yoga. Yoga takes time for beginners. Allow time and a relaxed environment. It can help with better results. Let the students shoulder responsibility for their practice. Overprotective yoga teaching does no good.

Neglecting own practice

While in the class, you need to pay attention to all your students. And it is a rather clumsy fashion to start practicing at the same time when you are teaching. It can hamper your practice. It is imperative to make students practice, but it is crucial to pay heed to preparation. There is always more scope to learn when you remain consistent. It encourages you to discover new concepts and rectify mistakes. The lack of individual practice of poses and breathing can decrease productivity. It can be a disaster to be unaware of the sequence’s feelings before sharing it with students.

Conveying different messages

When in the class, make sure instructions are clear and crisp. Yoga requires attention, and confusion can mess up the final results. Using vague terms can make newcomers nervous. Give them an idea about the new poses with images or by doing the poses yourself. It is tough when instructions are not straightforward to follow. If you mean bound angle pose, then ensure you are not sitting forward fold pose. For a yoga teacher, words and actions should be in harmony.

Not individualizing

Yoga is relaxing but not effortless for everyone. In a yoga class, the students have varying levels of background. Some may struggle to get a hold of breathing exercises. Others may find it taxing to try stretching. Not individualizing with the students will not allow the teacher to know their requirements. In some situations, it can cause an injury, disorder, or embarrassment for a student with limitations.


Yoga is to set a perfect balance between the body, mind, and inner self. If you feel that making students sweat will do wonders, the results may shock you. Yoga, as a practice, calms the mind and increases body strength. Must not to substitute the internal power of focus and awareness with physical exhaustion.

How to set it right?

Yoga is on self-awareness and making positive changes from within. Teachers are individuals that commit mistakes. But a yoga teacher with zeal to make students study will learn from the mistakes.

Regular practice, concentration, and allowing enough time are the best ways to move on from these mistakes. And emerge to be a better teacher and help students.


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