Dreame T20 cordless vacuum cleaner review

Dreame has been long producing great quality and affordable wireless vacuum cleaners. And now they have come with the Dreame T20, the latest vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner has promised to be the update of V11.

Here are some features of  Dreame T20.


The design and material quality of the product are exceptional. It has a minimal design, the touch and feel of the product make it feel premium. The weight of the product is 1.67 kg. The material is polycarbonate and also has a color LCD screen. The hooks are also firmly attached to the vacuum cleaner. The dirt container is characterized by opening downwards, which prevents the dirt from falling on the grounds.

Suction Power

There are three operating modes in it.

  • Eco Mode- it is for everyday cleaning.
  • Medium Mode- it is for more than the everyday cleaning.
  • Turbo Mode- it is very stubborn stains or specks of dirt. Whether there is milk or cereal on the floor, no matter it will clean it on a go.

It’s capable of recognizing surface and automatically change the cleaning mode due to different surface.

The T20 creates up to 150 AW suction power, which can undoubtedly clean surfaces, for example, hardwood floors, thick covers, and beds with various brushes. The clever versatile attractions power with auto-mode can recognize various surfaces and change pull power as needs be.

Magnificent Mobility

It is additionally encouraged by the mechanized brush which “helps” crafted by the individuals who are cleaning. Concerning accommodation we are in this manner at the top.

Additionally, fantastic pull on rugs is the place where the Dreame T20 dominates the V11.The brush scarcely ensnares and the cleaning is done profoundly. Great job.

The Dreame T20 makes it easy to access all the functions with a high-definition LCD screen. Where you can see the real-time working status, system error alert, and suction mode. The product also has an electronic lock button which enables finger free use.

Frill and Filtration

Dreame T20 contains 5-stage filtration which guarantees that contamination doesn’t get once more into the air. Its filtration proficiency is at the degree of up to 99.97%.

Dispose of up to this remote vacuum cleaner 99.99% bugs from beddings or couches. Perfectsuction power guarantees the expulsion of residue, dust, and different allergens.

In the bundle, you will likewise locate a quality all-inclusive spout, which has been improved to have the option to more readily gather hair and hide from pets and simultaneously with the goal that these debasements don’t amass on the pivoting chamber.

You will likewise locate a more modest connection for cleaning the console or other more modest articles, an augmentation for cleaning beddings and couches, and 2 tight expansions for cleaning corners and other, more hard to get to zones.

Run Time

The T20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a great run-season of 70 minutes, the longest on the lookout, and it very well may be additionally stretched out to 140 minutes with an extra separable battery. The two batteries can be charged simultaneously with its divider mounted capacity cum charging dock, which upgrades the client experience.

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